Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today was the Day...

WOW!!  Today was definitely a day from...well...not from a good place to say the least!  It started out just being a really long day.  We put up our kid's workshop version of A Chorus Line today.  It actually turned out pretty well.  But getting it to that point was a bit...well...stressful would be an understatement.  I ended up having to do some revisions to the script and songs an hour before the show.  That was not fun.  Also, the dollar store lied to us and said they had top hats...they didn't.  So we had to scrounge what hats the theater had...including a few cowboy hats!  haha  Those were just a few of the stresses of that show.  But overall the kids did a great job and it turned out well. 

Meg and I with the Kids
The kids from A Chorus Line

Then we started our new week or workshops...Treasure Island.  We orginally had like 7 kids signed up, which is an ok amount, but now we are down for four randomly  :(  No fun.  And it seems like it is going to take them a while to learn things, 'cause they're a bit younger.  But hopefully that turns out.  I just editing our script for was too long with too many characters.  So I made it work.  

Then I finally got to take a short nap, then I did the shoot out and the show.  It just made for a long day.  Not to mention that for some reason, people think that they can be rude and walk all over everyone and treat them like crap.  I don't know...there were just many instances all day where things didn't happen as planned, and Meg and I were YELLED at for them.  There was no polite talking to, no solution finding...just yelling.  It was really annoying.  

And I miss my friends.  I feel so disconnected and distant from them.  And I hate how it feels.  I feel like I've lost them.  So if you're reading this, please...let's not lose our friendship, k?

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