Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

So today was fun.  We were in the Jackson Hole parade.  We all got in our costumes (me in my Teen Angel costume, a white tux  :)  )  And we rode in vintage Cadillac cars (that picture is of the car I rode in, except we had the top down!)!  So much fun.  We also had our music there, so as we got into town we were all out of the cars dancing in the streets!  The people LOVED us!  It was definitely fun.  PS....Dick Cheney like lives he was at the parade...random.

Then we had a shortened kids workshop...once again, my coworker was NOT I ended up stepping in and finishing some of the choreography.  :(  Then I took a short nap and we had an early show.  It went really well I felt.  After the show we all changed, and watched the fireworks from the roof of the playhouse!  It was so beautiful to see the mountains light up with the fireworks.  Definitely nice.  Then we cranked up the jukebox and had a sock-hop in the lobby of the theater with good ol' fried chicken, ribs, shredded BBQ pork sandwiches, potato salad, and of course red velvet cake!  

So, overall, a great fourth of July.  I wish I could have spent it with friends but oh well.  What can ya do? 

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Melissa and Ivan Hoffman said...

that's a hott car! wow, you are on blogging FIRE!!!!