Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coming Home...

So, I decided to do the Young Ambassadors this year. My talk with Pat went well to tell him I wouldn't be doing Dancers' Company. I am so stoked to be on YA's!!! We are gonna have sooooo much fun!

So on thurday i moved out of my apartment, and on friday i went to my trainer's wedding the in Salt Lake Temple. It was a nice ceremony and I had fun with Emmeline (the ex sister hallam). Saturday was fun too hanging out with my sister and also mission friends. Sunday i just packed and said bye to people, and yesterday i drove home....all by myself. I HATE that drive! it was soooo boring and soooo long.

Now i am home...bored...but i will survive. i got the choreography job with the Playhouse, and now i just need a day job. I am also gonna start working out more often...which will help me stay in shape for YA's next year. SO, i am bored. if you want to save me from my boredom please PLEASE call me and lets PLAY!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Well, I made both the Dancers' Company and The Young Ambassadors! But unfortunately I have to choose...so I think I am Choosing YA's! I didn't make the Music Circus for the Summer, but I am gonna go home and Choreograph the Music Man with the 6th Street Playhouse! yay! well , just thought i would update!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Auditions, etc....

So, we had Thoroughly Modern Millie auditions this last week...the callbacks went well. And don't even worry, they made us sing in CHINESE!! it was hilarious! i think if Ivan and I did it we would have fun...we will see.

so this week, I am auditioning for the Dancers' Company and the Young Ambassadors. Wish me luck! Plus i am playing piano for the auditions on Tuesday and Thursday, and on wednesday i have MDT Dance Proficiencies. Plus i am playing for Tara Bloomfield's Student's recital on friday night and thus rehearsing with them individually every night of the week. suck.

so, yeah...lets just hope i can keep up on everything....i need some time for myself and a love life...ha ha...what a joke...

Thursday, April 3, 2008


So, these last few weeks have been totally crazy. When I last blogged I had just auditioned for the Music Circus. I still have no word. I hope to soon! Also, I secured myself a bunch of piano jobs recently. My reputation as an accompanist here at BYU is getting better. I just played for the Thoroughly Modern Millie auditions, I will be playing for the Young Ambassador auditions next week, and I am playing for the recital of Tara Bloomfield's students. PLUS, I got a tentative offer to be the pianist at Tuacahn (sp?) for the summer. So my life has revolved around the piano recently.

Also, we just had auditions like I said for Thoroughly Modern Millie. I got called back for Bun Foo...ok people....lets face it...I'M NOT CHINESE!! lol I am kinda upset I wasn't called back for Jimmy. I mean the guys called back for Jimmy, they are really good...but they are the same people...plus the people I was called back with for the role of Bun Foo (excepting like 1) aren't that great. So it kinda makes me think I am low on the MDT chain...hmmm. But at the same time I am ok that i wasn't called back. I mean, if they don't want me, they don't want me. And the other guys will do a WAY better job than I ever could. So, yeah. That is all.

Well, need to do TONS of Homework and Laundrey AND get ready for Call backs!