Thursday, July 9, 2009

So...Danny Zuko's Gay...? Wait, WHAT?!?!

So, its been two days now of me being Danny.  Last night was Fabulous!  It went really really well, and I felt like I gave my all.  Overall, it was a great show.  The cast was super supportive and the audience was really receptive.  

But tonight was a little bit rough.  Overall the show was ok...but I just wasn't connected very well to the part.  I felt like the Hand Jive dance went really well, and so did Alone at the Drive In Movie, but the end of the show was a DISASTER.  First of all, during You're the One That I Want, during my verse I accidently sang, "You'd better shape up!  Cause I need a man...." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA  Oops!  So evidently Sandy wasn't the only one who had a "coming out"  during the show.  HAHA  And then I went down the stairs too fast and ended up tripping Sandy...overall, no fun.  

It will just get better I hope.  I'm kinda down right now about that and some other I think I am just going to go to bed and never wake up...  :)

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Marisa said...

Haha wish I could've seen that! ;)