Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Job

So, I have a new job. Yes, I gave in and I am selling Pest Control with Clark. It is a good company and the pay is really good, but the job is hard. My first week I did pretty well. I made 9 sales...which is like $1350. so yeah..not too shabby, but this week has been much much harder. Anyways, I wanna do well, so be sure to send me motivational texts or jokes during the day to keep me going! ha ha

It is now memorial day weekend. I had callbacks this week for the Music Man, of which now I am most likely not only the choreographer, but the Music Director as well. They went really well, except for the fact that NO dancers from SR High I hope to go there to get some dancers this week. Cody and Emily came out for the weekend from Utah, so yeah. We should have some fun!

well, til we blog again!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Toby the PT Cruiser

So, I was doing the job hunt thing yesterday, right? Everything was going just fine and dandy, and then I got a craving for Cafe Rio. Well we don't have Cafe Rio in i saw...Baja Fresh Mexican Grill, which wasn't as good, but definitely yummy!

I digress....

ANYWAYS....i get back into my car after eating and....NOTHING! My car had dear Toby had given up the Ghost!! I paniced...not really...i just called the parental units. Well, after a while of waiting, calling the tow truck and having dad FORCE my hood closed thus causing the rod holding it up to DENT my hood, the tow truck came and took dear Toby to the Dodge dealer, where he rested the night.

On the morrow (today), his dead battery was replaced and all is well. TOBY IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN!!! HALLELUJAH!!!! MERCY ME!!!!

the end.

Saturday, May 3, 2008



So grades from last semester were posted and i did better than i thought! i got all A's and B's, and i scraped a C in American Heritage....THANK GOODNESS!!!! I thought i was doomed! ha ha. But, however, i did MISERABLY in TMA 114...i mean, c'mon...i know i missed some of the papers, but my final paper was KILLER!!! and they gave me an E!!! ew ew ew ew GROSS!! i was soooo PISSED off when i saw that....give me at least a D or a C...but NO!! so, i have to take it again to get that grade off and raise my GPA...suck. that ruins my chances of having a Job this semester....

i hate school.

the end.