Monday, July 13, 2009


So, I started watching Alias the other day...from season 1 and now I am hooked.  HAHA  At least it gives me something to keep my mind occupied with.  

So, today is Monday.  I did the whole kids workshop this morning by myself.  It actually went much better than I thought.  But my voice is really tired.  I tried to use good technique as I projected, but alas, it still made my voice a little tired.  And tonight, the Single's Ward is coming to see our show for FHE!  And Jason Celaya, our Choreographer, is also coming tonight.  So I want to be good!  Ugh....wish me luck.  

Besides that, things are going well here.  There has been A LOT of drama here.  It just stinks.  It wares on you as time goes on.  And it just got back from a weekend trip to Utah.  HAHA 


becca schwartz said...

i became addicted to alias with my roomie during finals one semester. dangerous, dangerous addiction... especially when you're SUPPOSED to be studying. jennifer garner is SO hot right now.

Jeremiah said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I know right?!?! I love her!