Saturday, January 19, 2008


Well, it has now been about, oh, Two weeks of school, and things are going well. I love my schedule, I love my classes, and i am doing good in all of them, yes, even American Heritage!

I love my Jazz class. My teacher is Jenny Giaque (said "Juke") and she was a former Cougerette. The class is killer, but I LOVE it! Also, my acting teacher, Laurie, is so amazing! We have such a great time in class, and she has really taught us not only acting things, but she has helped us boost our own self confidence.

Hence my new attitude on life...I am keeping it positive! Whenever I get down on myself I just change that thought around to a positive thought. For example in Jazz class there are many things that are very very hard to do, but I just say to myself(and sometimes outloud) "Dude, I can so do this. I will be great!" And when i screw up miserably, I just laugh at myself, pick myself up and start over and try harder, really focusing on getting better and not putting myself down. You should try it sometime! It really helps!

Well, I am here...freezing and trying just to fit in. That I think is the hardest part. But it will get easier.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My new Dorm

So, for those of you who actually read this thing...which I think is very very few...i am now almost moved into my new dorm at BYU....I am living in The Colony...i like my apt., but I am not a huge fan of the room I am living in. Yeah, either it is too small or i brought too much stuff! lol

So, yeah, I guess it will have to do. I have only met one apartment-mate...his name is right? he is nice enough...but it seems like it is everyone for himself in this apt.

oh well, i just can't wait to get busy with school and to make friends so that i am not so alone here. that is how i feel. a bit alone.