Monday, July 20, 2009

Snow King

So, I wasn't liking myself or my life.  So I decided to change some things.  I made some good goals, and so far so good.  One of my goals is to work out after the kid's workshop.  So today, I hiked Snow King mountain, and got a great bagel sandwich at Pearl Street Bagel.  So here are some pics!  

That is the Snow King Mountain!!!!

The fields were full of very pretty wildflowers! 

The view from the top!

Jackson's Hole from the top

Yup...I did it with my shirt off...I'm not the modest little
boy I used to be mom...HAHA

So yes.  A fun day.  After snow mountain, I floated down a somewhat lazy river in an innertube.  The creek runs next to our apartments.  I went with Meg and Bronwyn and some of the kids from the single's ward.  It was way fun. BUT (pun intended) I hit my butt on a rock...and I cut it pretty bad...I would upload a pic of it...but its my butt.  HAHA  

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