Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh Dear!

So, today has been a day of "Oh Dear's".  First of all, our kids in the workshop this week...well...let's just say they have A LOT of energy.  :)  Then, tonight for the show, I was fifteen minutes late to call, because I didn't wake up from my nap!  Then I got some notes before the show and they kinda threw me off the whole show, and it just wasn't my best.  :(

THEN...this is the first act, during the park scene, I have a little confrontation with Sandy where she gets mad and storms off, and I am left to awkwardly approach everyone onstage who witnessed it and play it off cool.  So normally, we have bout 5 seconds of awkward silence before I play it off and say, "Wierd Chick!"  But instead, we had about three seconds of awkward silence, and the music for "We Go Together" came on.  Well, we thought the sound guy would fix his mistake and just stop the we stood there VERY awkwardly for the first stanza of the intro.  Well, he didn't turn it I yelled out "WIERD CHICK" over the music to everyone could react to it...and then we did the number!  OH MY AWKWARD!!! HAHAHAHA  We could not believe it was actually happening.  We were all laughing so hard in disbelief for the first two verses til about the bridge.  So we skipped about the last 5 minutes of Act I and just did that song.  HAHA

Then I just got a message from one of the mom's who put their child into the workshop.  Well, she thinks that the workshop is a little bit too much for him (he's turning 7 she took a chance putting him in).  So that leaves us (after having already lost about 3 of the kids orginally enrolled for the week) a whopping total of........*drumroll*......THREE KIDS!!  Yup.  Three girls...2 nine year-olds and one 11 year-old.  So now I have to not do Treasure Island, and I am concocting some sort of Little Girls of Broadway review.  OH DEAR!  

Wish me luck....

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