Thursday, December 30, 2010


A quick update! I survived the semester! YAY! And passed pretty well with my classes! Finals kicked my trash! I was definitely in the Library WAY too much. I also moved out of my apartment, but haven't been able to sell my contract yet, so if you know anyone who needs one, let me know!

The weather was really bad over Tahoe and I-80 coming home, so I had to drive home through Vegas. The snow from Provo to St. George was HORRIBLE. Almost just as bad as the blizzard I wrecked my car in driving down to St. George. All in all it took 16 hours to get home. It was a horrid drive. The week before Christmas was spent shopping, shopping, and more shopping! I ended up getting a lot of new clothes for me too, since I haven't really done some major shopping since before my mission.

Christmas was nice. We spent it at home in our PJ's all day. We haven't done that in a really long time, so that was nice. Right now we're in Eureka. We brought Nanny home. And we'll be coming home Friday. Next week I head to NYC and my adventures of 2011 will BEGIN! I also will be starting to work out...and I mean MAJOR workout with a trainer next year before my cruise. So I will be blogging about that too.

In other fun news, I just got an email from Panama. It was a scanned hand-written letter from Hermana Melida. She's a sweet little lady from Panama. She lives in Colon, my third area on the mission. She's extremely physically disabled, but that doesn't stop her from teaching, knitting, and living a full life. She's amazing. And receiving a letter from her saying how much she loves me and remembers me, even though I only served in that Area for one transfer is the BEST Christmas present I could get.

Happy New Year To ALL! Stay tuned for the adventures of 2011.

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