Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Directions!

If you haven't noticed (or maybe you did...), I changed the title of my blog! And if you haven't read it for a while, I have a new template too! Why might I do all this you might ask? Well, let me answer...

The year 2011 is going to be a year full of new experiences, travels, and adventures galore! So I'm making sure you all can follow me on my adventures throughout the year. I'll be posting regularly (hopefully weekly if not more). Now I know what you all are thinking..."How many times has he said that he'll post on a regular business and he never does?"

Don't worry, this time, I'm serious!

Please comment, read, and share whatever you want with me. I'll hopefully be posting insights I'll be learning (personal, spiritual, etc.) and I would love to do the same!

This year will be including a year off of school, NYC, Chicago, Panama, Alaska, Hawaii, French Polynesia, Caribbean, a cruise ship, Tonga, and much MUCH more! So see if you can keep up with me! Cause I'm going to be living my life LIVE and in LIVING COLOR! Life wasn't meant to be lived in Black and White. So without further adieu, HERE WE GO!

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Terrie said...

Love the idea Jeremiah! Love you!