Friday, January 14, 2011

Let the Adventures begin!! Chicaco!

And the great adventures of 2011 have begun! Let's begin with Chicago!

So I left San Francisco for Chicago on January 4th. It was a lovely Tuesday morning in San Fran, clear, crisp, and the Golden Gate Bridge was a lovely sight indeed. It was the opposite when I got into Chicago! It was FREEZING! The rumors are true folks...Chicago in the winter is bitter, bitter cold. Beau picked me up at the airport, we went to dinner at Ed Debevicks, which was SO much fun! The waiters there are purposefully rude to you. We were peeing our pants it was so funny! And our waitress, Flo, was just the best. That night I was so tired from travelling, we just snuggled up to a few movies, starting with Easy A, which was fabulous, and ending with The Strangers, which scared the living bejeezes out of me! Then it was bedtime, hoping that no masked people came in and killed us!

Wednesday was a really fun day! We got up, drove into the city, and just explored and had fun! We started off by walking around Chicago's beautiful theater district! Its just fabulous! I really love all the architecture, the people, the city, the parks...its just a cleaner, smaller, friendlier version of NYC. We tried to get lotto tickets for Wicked, since Beau had never seen it...we lost. So then we had some deep dish Chicago PIZZA at Giordanos, which was delicious and headed to the Art Institute of Chicago. WOW! It was such a cool museum with some AMAZING artwork from Monet, Van Gogh, and of course, the crown jewel, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island La Grande Jatte by George Seurat. Yah. I saw it. Live. In living color. I almost cried! It truly was breathtaking! I never realized the scope, detail, color, and passion that the painting encapsulates until i saw it live and up close. Wow. Mr. were a genius.

After the art institute we went to Millennium park, walked around, saw the Faces, the big Bean, and then we went Ice Skating! That was a blast! After Skating, we tried for the Wicked lotto one last time, but didn't win. Again. So instead we headed over to a section of town called Boystown (hehe) and we went to dinner with one of Beau's friends at a wonderful little Italian place called Soccas. After that we went home and collapsed from our fun day of adventure!

My last day in Chicago was fun! Beau had to work, so took the morning to sleep in, figure out the train system, and get myself to Downtown to explore. Well, I cut it kinda close, and my cab driver didn't know where the station was, so I missed the train, by seconds! And the next one didn't come for two hours! So there I was stuck in the middle of the mid west. Luckily Beau came and picked me up and lent me his car to go to the city with, and he went back to work. When I got in the city, I took a bus tour of the city. I was the only one on the tour. Chicago is such a beautiful and wonderful city. It was fun to see the sights and where Oprah lives. haha After that I went up the Sears Tower, and WOW! That was beautiful. And i walked out into a glass box that hung over the ledge. Crazy. After that I met up with Shantal from Dancers' Company and her hubby, and we walked up the magnificent mile, including the Chicago Sun Times building with rocks from all over the world, and dinner with Chicago dogs and Italian beef sandwiches.

The next day was time to leave. I was kinda sad to leave, but really excited for NYC. I love you BEAU! Thanks so much for hosting me and I really hope I get to see you soon!!!

Pictures to come soon!!

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