Saturday, February 27, 2010


So, I had a great weekend! It started Thursday, when Dirty Rotten Scoundrels opened! We had a great opening night, and it was fun to have my parents there! I think its one of the first opening nights they've ever been to! So yay for them!

Then Friday and Saturday nights the lovely BYU MDT majors and I performed a FABULOUS showcase! It was so much fun! And we Rocked! I had solos in the opener (Don't Stop Believin') and the closer (Love Heals). I also was featured in a song called "I Will be Me" with the lovely and talented Bronwyn and Megan, was Bert in "Step In Time", and was one of six singers in "Glimpse of the Weave". Overall, the 2010 MDT showcase was a success!!!

Now onto a not so restful day of rest. :)

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