Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just Some Thoughts...

Isn't it interesting how the smallest thing can set off such a strong emotional reaction in us? A scent, a picture, a message, a word, a song. Our mind and our hearts are wonderful things, but also fickle at times.

I miss what I had, and I wish I could have it again. But I also have a vision of what I truly need and what should lie ahead in my future. A goal, if you will. But blast that one little picture, that message, or that song that send your heart and your mind off track of what you really want. Its always so hard to stay on the road to your goal. But hey, you can either throw in the towel, or use it to wipe off your sweat. You just have to keep on keepin' on, even if it means breaking your own heart sometimes. In the end, your goal is worth it.

And what is that goal? Happiness. Pure, simple, celestial happiness.

No one ever achieved that without a little hurt first.

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Terrie said... amaze me! I love you. MOM