Monday, August 10, 2009

Its been a week or so...

So, my run as Danny Zuko ended last Wednesday.  It was a blast.  Especially the last little bit where I really felt more free to interpret the character in the way that felt much more comfortable to me.  It was SO much fun, and there is the possibility that I will be Danny Zuko again at the end of the run for a week or so.  

Other than that, things have just been busy as usual.  Our HSM kids group did well.  This week we have 8 girls, and Taylor and I wrote them a revue set in the girl's dressing room of a musical.  Its pretty funny, and we are doing some really fun songs in the show.  

This weekend was quite interesting.  It was really amazing, in both the good and the bad ways.  It was really fun, because really fun people came up to see us!  Cory, Micheal, Brittany, Micheal's cousin, and Gray came up, among others.  We had a lot of fun being tourists around town, sliding down the alpine slide, horseback riding, and LOTS of eating.  The not so fun part included certain people drinking in my house, not letting me sleep, and trying to take advantage of me.  NO FUN.  But that's all I'll say about that.  But was a great weekend.  It was really good to have friends here to see me.  I was planing on going to Provo for the weekend, but that didn't work out.  Maybe in a week or so. 

Dancers' Company rehearsals started today.  Wish I was there.  I might one day.  We'll see.  

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