Friday, August 14, 2009

All I'm sayin' is...

I am gettin really bad at updating this thing. Sorry. I guess I have just been really busy and not on my comuputer as much. Which I guess is a good thing too.

A few things. This last week our girls did a wonderful musical revue written by Taylor and I called Backstage: The Musical. It was a great success! They all did so well! We had a blast with them and they were stars! This week is our last week of workshops (Thank goodness!). We have 10 little girls all under the age of 12. They are so cute. We are going to perform sleeping beauty at the end of the week.

This is also Meg's last shows with us. I am jealous that she gets to leave and go do DC. Wish I had said something. I would be MORE than happy to jet out of here and start rehearsals. Meg's replacement for Cha Cha is HILARIOUS...she is the real cha the grungy cafateria lady type girl that Cha Cha is supposed to be great. It will be different but good.

Tonight's show was funny. In the Beauty School Dropout reprise, I yank Frenchie into a dip right away...well...I yanked her...and we kept dipping, and down we went together! HAHA so I am like ON TOP of her singing to was pretty funny. We just played it off...but it may or may not have looked like her Teen Angel was trying to rape her. HAHA

Well folks, that's all for now. More soon!

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