Saturday, January 22, 2011

NYC!!! (part 1)

So, continuing with my AWESOME vacation to Chicago and NYC.

So on Friday Morning, I said bye to Beau...(sad)...and snagged a taxi to the airport. Where I found out my flight was delayed by an hour. That put in me in NYC later than I wanted. So when we landed, I rushed to get my bag, rode the air train and the A train up to Kelly's Apartment on West 93rd! It was SO good to see her! But realizing it was now past 7:30, I knew I had to rush down to Times Square if I wanted to see a show. So I got to the TKTS booth and ended up buying a last minute ticket to see "Driving Miss Daisy", starring none other than Vanessa Regrave, James Earl Jones, and Boyd Gaines! It was SO good and so endearing. It was really neat to see such legends up on stage...just a few rows from me! After the show I caught up with my friend Hailey (we served in the MTC together)! I visited her apartment, went back to Kelly's to sleep, and the next morning Hailey and I went to breakfast together!

After breakfast, Kelly had to meet with the missionaries, so I went down to Steps to take a dance class. I took a Modern Dance Horton Technique Class. Crazy! Needless to say my hammies and my sides were SO sore! After class Kelly and I hit the town! Unfortunately it started snowing, which impeded out plans to go to the Top of the Rock. Boo. :( But we walked around, went to Colony Music Center, had dinner (we were served by a beautiful boy...yes...i said beautiful...owing to his PERFECT makeup!) then we went and saw Next To Normal!! Marin Mazzie and Jason Daniely were brilliant...Kyle Dean...ahhhh...there are no words...haha. But we really went to see it because my friend Paul Staroba was the associate conductor of the show, and was conducting his last night of the show! So we supported him. After the show he took us to his apartment on Roosevelt Island, and we talked and ate and laughed til the wee hours of the morning. Kelly and I had a long, but nice subway ride back home where we finally crashed.

The next day was Sunday. That meant getting up early to get in line at 9 am for a student ticket to see the final performance of A Little Night Music with Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch. Mind you...the Box office didn't open til noon. And it was FREEZING! But luckily the 5 people in front of me were very nice, we all made friends, and we held our spots for each other while one by one we warmed up in the nearby hotel lobby. Luckily I got a ticket, third row on the side! Brilliant! after I got my ticket I went to church and ended up in Jeff and Courtney Pew's Ward! It was great to see them! The show started at three, so I skipped out a bit early. It was breathtaking. Just brilliant! So perfect! The energy in that room when the stars entered was electric! And at the curtain call, none other than Mr. Stephen Sondheim himself came onstage! right by me!!! AH!!! It was awesome! After the show, I had dinner and visited with Courtney and Jeff in their apartment, then packed my things, and headed to Kara's house! It was fun to stay up and chat and catch up!

And that's it for for now! Part Two to Come!!!

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