Thursday, July 3, 2008

An update...

So...sorry for not updating as much as i should. I just have been so busy with everything.

So, I am still working for Clark. The month of June has been a bit slow for me, but overall I am doing fine. And my dad STILL won't buy pest control from me...even though our house is under constant attack from spiders, ants, etc. ha ha Anyways, we have finished Santa Rosa, Rhonert Park and now we are working in Petaluma. Now that rehearsals have started, I only can work part time during the day...and on fridays and saturdays.

Anyways, rehearsals for the Music Man have started and are going really well. We have a very talented cast and they are doing really well. I am the Music Director and the Choreographer. It is definitely harder than I thought, but I am doing ok! I am just having the time of my life.

I also started teaching dance at the Musical Theater workshop for the theater on monday. I am SOOOOOO exhausted from doing that AND work AND rehearsals, but i am surviving. I have about 46 kids in the group and they are all doing really well.

Besides those things, I almost died choking on pizza as i made fun of my dad for taking a huge bite...yeah...lame...ask me about was pretty darn funny. that is what you get for speaking ill of the Lords anointed! HA HA

Oh, we also went and saw Hairspray in San friend Taylor Frey was Link Larkin. He did really good...i took my friend molly from the American Mall to see it with me. we had a great time! oh...speaking of American comes out on MTV on August 11th. so watch out for it!

well, i will try to keep this updated better in the future! til later!

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