Sunday, October 5, 2008

Its Been A While...

So, I know that probably NOBODY is reading this anymore...oh well.  

So, Music Man went great!  It opened to Rave reviews, from what I heard everyone loved it!  I had a blast working on the choreography and the music.  After the first weekend I moved back out to Utah, and started rehearsals for Aida, which is now running at the Hale Center Theater through November 22.  I play MWFS nights, so Come see it!  

School is going well so far.  I am pretty busy.  Especially with my Jr. Seminar Project for MDT...i was assigned Pirates of Penzance...and cutting it to 30 minutes, starring in it, directing it, getting people to do it, etc., has not been the easiest.  haha.  I also am playing for everyone else's projects.  Plus with YA's, I have NO time.  In YA's i have the Footloose solo and i am the baritone in the Jersey Boys medley.  Besides that i am just in the Dancer's Track numbers (Abba, Chorus Line, Wicked, Footloose, In the heights, etc.).  our first show is at Homecoming Spectacular this week!  Come and see it!

Besides all that i have been doing ok.  I had a mission reunion this week, and general conference this weekend was Amazing.  Well, til next time!  

ps:  here are some links for ticket info...

Aida (Hale Center Theater):
Music Man Review:

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