Sunday, June 8, 2008

randoms sure has been a while huh? ha ha

Since the last post i have just been working my BUTTOX off like crazy and earning some good money. so I am happy about that. in the last three weeks of working i have made over $3000 and i am going strong. this last week was a bit slow for me, but oh well.

We had fun with Cody and Emily...he is CRAZY!! and everyone was just asking if they were dating...ha one really knows...still. But yeah.

What else has happened...really...not much just because i am working everyday all day. i went to the beach and took some awesome photos of me can view them in my facebook albums...i Got awarded a $1000 scholarship from the School of Music for doing absolutely nothing...i really don't know how of why i got the scholarship...but oh well. i'm not complaining! I ahve also been called as a Gospel Doctrine and Gospel Essentials teacher and of course the Ward Organist. Both callings are going well so far.

tonight kelly is coming out and we are gonna record a demo CD for her tomorrow. It shoud be fun.

well, that is all for now. sorry my life is so boring.'s some pics!

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