Thursday, April 3, 2008


So, these last few weeks have been totally crazy. When I last blogged I had just auditioned for the Music Circus. I still have no word. I hope to soon! Also, I secured myself a bunch of piano jobs recently. My reputation as an accompanist here at BYU is getting better. I just played for the Thoroughly Modern Millie auditions, I will be playing for the Young Ambassador auditions next week, and I am playing for the recital of Tara Bloomfield's students. PLUS, I got a tentative offer to be the pianist at Tuacahn (sp?) for the summer. So my life has revolved around the piano recently.

Also, we just had auditions like I said for Thoroughly Modern Millie. I got called back for Bun Foo...ok people....lets face it...I'M NOT CHINESE!! lol I am kinda upset I wasn't called back for Jimmy. I mean the guys called back for Jimmy, they are really good...but they are the same the people I was called back with for the role of Bun Foo (excepting like 1) aren't that great. So it kinda makes me think I am low on the MDT chain...hmmm. But at the same time I am ok that i wasn't called back. I mean, if they don't want me, they don't want me. And the other guys will do a WAY better job than I ever could. So, yeah. That is all.

Well, need to do TONS of Homework and Laundrey AND get ready for Call backs!

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