Saturday, March 22, 2008

California Music Circus Auditions

So, this weekend has been OH so fun!! Me, Clarissa, and Melissa all road tripped out to sunny Sacramento California this weekend to not only visit our dear Ivan, who almost DIED from a random kidney disease, but to audition for the California Music Circus! Geoff and Jenny came in their own car...hmmmm.

So, we had lots of fun riding out here in the car...we sang, talked, told embarrassing stories and i drank more than 5 liters of water. that resulted in ALOT of unwanted stops to use the restroom...he he.

When we got to Sacramento, the Hoffman Family greeted us with warm welcomes. when geoff and jenny finally got here we had a wonderful yummy dinner (prepared by mama hoffman herself...) and then we set off for Kinkos to print off headshots and copy music. that stressed me out. lol

anyways, we all got in bed, and today, we went to the auditions at 9 am. we signed in, warmed up and were informed we would be learning a ballet combo....oh crap i thought...but it turned out well. out of the 145 dancers, all 5 of us made the first cut...they cut it in 70 were left. THEN we learned a crazy fun combo from Hairspray, followed by another cut. unfortunately, Melissa and Clarissa were cut, but Jenny and Geoff and I made it. then we went to a yummy lunch at the Bread Factory, and after lunch we did both dances again, we all sang, and Geoff and I read for a part in My Fair Lady. I sang All I Need is the Girl. i thought i did fantastic...not being proud, but i was proud of my audition today!

well, it is off to bed...we have a full day of driving tomorrow! GO US!!

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