Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coming Home...

So, I decided to do the Young Ambassadors this year. My talk with Pat went well to tell him I wouldn't be doing Dancers' Company. I am so stoked to be on YA's!!! We are gonna have sooooo much fun!

So on thurday i moved out of my apartment, and on friday i went to my trainer's wedding the in Salt Lake Temple. It was a nice ceremony and I had fun with Emmeline (the ex sister hallam). Saturday was fun too hanging out with my sister and also mission friends. Sunday i just packed and said bye to people, and yesterday i drove home....all by myself. I HATE that drive! it was soooo boring and soooo long.

Now i am home...bored...but i will survive. i got the choreography job with the Playhouse, and now i just need a day job. I am also gonna start working out more often...which will help me stay in shape for YA's next year. SO, i am bored. if you want to save me from my boredom please PLEASE call me and lets PLAY!!

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