Friday, February 15, 2008

Taking Control

So, lets face it folks, these last two weeks have been HELL!! I have been to Hell and Back...and NOW is the time to take control. I am going to let go and start new goals and just get on track. It feels so good to be in control of my life! I won't let it out of my control again!

So, I finished the American Mall. That was yet again an utter fiasco. We also performed the MDT showcase! It was a blast! The show was amazing! Unfortunately I didn't do much, but I had fun anyway. Jenny Jordan Frogley was the guest star. I was in the Opener (Once Upon a Time from Brooklyn) and the closer (Its Your Wedding Day from The Wedding Singer), and I came out as the preacher in Not Getting Married Today from Company. My parents came, my uncle Curt and aunt Kathy came, Sis. Ampuero and Adriana came, Paul came, Teancum and Seth (my room mates) came, and the biggest suprise of all, PRESIDENT and SISTER DUFFIN came!!! He was my mission president. The best part was in the show when all of those dear people came, during the first part of the closer, I bent down to pick up my partner and my jeans RIPPED so bad! like seriously from the top of my butt almost down to my knee! HA HA HA lol luckily I had ballet tights on underneath, or everyone would've have a wonderful show of my dance belt! GROSS!!

Point being people, I AM IN CONTROL AND SO MUCH BETTER!!!!

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