Thursday, February 28, 2008


So, I don't really know why I am updating this right now. I think I am just procrastinating doing homework. So, Emily got home off of her mission in Taiwan. I got to go to Cali for the weekend to visit with the fam and see her. It was fun. The only bad thing was that it rained all weekend! I was really looking forward to some nice California weather. Oh well. Utah is making up for that right now. It is like 50 degrees outside and SUNNY!!! Absolutely gorgeous!

So, I am kinda tired right now. I have gotten a grand total of 10 hours of sleep since Sunday. It's my own fault though...sometimes I just can't help myself. OH, and in Jazz we did our testing for our was a super fast combo and it was pretty hard, but i got a 28 out of 30! yay! And Tuesday and today we tested our across-the-floor stuff, and I felt like i did really well. For example, I pulled my hamstring on Monday, yet on Tuesday i was able to kick as high as ever. Plus I hit solid double turns. And today I was able to do a great side leap and really sit into my turnout. I was proud! yay for me.

well, enough about me. I need to do homework.


i'm going



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