Thursday, February 7, 2008

The American Mall

So, I am in a movie! YAY!!! It is called the American Mall. I am a dancer. It is going to be like a "High School Musical" - esqe type musical movei that is being produced by MTV and will air...well, I don't know when. So far it is going good. The first day that the dancers filmed was absolute HELL!!! Seriously, we got at the Mall at like 9 am, and we did a lot of sitting. I realized I am not a Film person...definitely an instant gratification theatre person.

But anyways, so we were there til 1:30 was ridiculous. And not only that but the crew treated us like crap. There was this lady that we nicknamed "Ms. Coyote" who would not stop Shushing us even though there was nothing going on. Yeah, we understood that when they are rehearsing or filming that we have to be silent, but they were just changing lights or something, and she would SHUSH us!!! And very rudely too! Plus they like wouldn't just send us back to the waiting area to wait, but we would wait ON SET for hours without doing ANYTHING!!! It was annoying. It wasn't very organized that day, and there were many other things, but it was just crazy. The other days haven't been as bad. Luckily. I think it is cause "Ms. Coyote" is gone. lol anyways, we finish it this Sunday and Monday. So, yeah...look for me! I am dressed as a Ben and Jerry's Employee in a Tye-dye it is easy to spot me!

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