Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Decision Time

So, I got an email last night from the casting director at Stiletto Entertainment. I auditioned for them back in February and was put on their hiring list. They have now offered me a contract to perform on the Holland America liner the ms Westerdam from March to December. I don't know what to do. I'd love your opinions as a comment, email, or on FB.

1. Money: I could make about $21,000 from this experience, and maybe walk away with about $19,000. That means when I move to NYC, I'll have about $24,000 to have at my disposal.

2. Get out of Utah and BYU for a while! I love it and all, but a break would be nice. Part of that would be spent at home in Cali for December through March when I leave. So that means family time and possibly performing in "Assassins" at the 6th Street Playhouse. Plus saving money on living expenses.

3. I could do my three remaining GE's during this time online, meaning that when I finally do come back to BYU for my final semester, I won't have to worry about them. I could simply focus on my MDT classes and do Showcase!

4. The Boat goes through the Caribbean, PANAMA (my mission), and Alaska! Nice!

5. Be one year older and wiser (and buffer!) before I jump into the NYC world of theater.

1. Staying active with church. How do you do that on a cruise ship? I'm still trying to find out how often we port and how often and for how long we're off the ship for. If we port on a Sunday, I could easily find a church. And on any other day, I could try for a temple trip, like in Panama! But there's definitely the church issue.

2. I wouldn't graduate this year. I would graduate next year (2012). Will that really affect me? (NYC will always be there...I'd rather cruise now and then go to NYC rather than do Senior Showcase and then leave NYC to do a cruise...looks bad.)

3. A Cruise Ship show...not totally productive to learning more about my future career in the theater, but still, its a job.

Thoughts people? I'd love your opinions! Thanks!


Joe N' Jess said...

Hey Ginn,
(Elder Scott and his wife) Joe and I were talking about it and we think you should go for it! I mean you have a LOT of good things going for you if you do go, the job is what you wanted when you applied for it earlier, so do it. As far as your worries go, Joe knows you and knows that you would do whatever it takes to stay active, not worried at all. I think that since you would have family time before, that's a HUGE plus and BYU will be here after. Joe says to work hard to go to church and the temple every time you can. He says to hold your own church when not possible to go. He says it could turn out to be a great missionary experience for you and that it's not like it will be any easier staying active in NY (well maybe a little) but it's good practice. You have a chance to be on a cruise and see Panama, PANAMA! GO! I think your plan sounds great, it's just 1 more year, but you'll have had some fun and experience during the delay. So we say go for it Ginn!! Just make sure you take lots of pictures so Joe and I can pretend we're there on the cruise too, going to plays every night! Now that's the life!

Anonymous said...

Jer...ok so my first opinion is about the church shouldn't be under your cons! Whether you are on a boat or in space, you need to keep nourishing yourself with the scriptures and not give in to temptation! That said, which is hard as we all know, taking this job may be a great opportunity for you, money-wise! If you feel at all that you would stray from the Church then I would seriously consider not doing it. You are a talented guy and I don't foresee money being a problem with you as long as you stay faithful to your covenants! Pray long and hard about it and trust that the Lord will be with you, no matter what your final decision may be.

I know things have been hard for you in the past and that you have constantly battled certain things in your life, especially lately. I want you to know that I believe strongly in staying well connected to the Lord and His Church, for He will lead you to blessings beyond your comprehension! Holding fast to the Iron Rod is your best defense against the buffetings of satan, including the enticings of great offers! I know you'll make the best decision for your future and your life! Love ya buddy!

A Tres-Freshman Dancer's Co. friend