Saturday, October 16, 2010


That is how I'm kinda feeling about life right now. "Life," as the Drowsy Chaperone says, "Is a MAD whirlwind." And I feel like this phrase is very much true for my life right now. So much has been happening in the last month in a half with my personal life, my acting life, my school life, and my family life. I feel like I can't quite keep up with it.

I'm kinda having one of those "I hate my life/I LOVE my life" days. I feel so overwhelmed with schoolwork, performances, a cruise ship contract offer, and various personal issues. And yet at the same time, I am loving my life and I feel so blessed! I'm talented, I'm smart (sometimes), I go to college, I got a contract offer to perform on a cruise ship, I have food every day, a car, a loving family, etc.

So I guess the point of all this is to just say that, like my blog title says, I'm ALIVE! I'm HERE! I'm living a FULL spectrum of things in my life. And I'm trying to be grateful for all that life is dishing to me right now.

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