Sunday, September 27, 2009

Won't forget, can't regret...

So, I just watched the film "Every Little Step" about the casting of the broadway revival of "A Chorus Line"...can I just say BRILLIANT! It was so powerful and moving, and I am so glad to be in the profession I am in. Now I just need to graduate so I can get out there.

I'm back at BYU now...trying to stay caught up with school and rehearsals, etc. I guess I'm losing weight people have said...that is what modern dance will to do you. School's going pretty well so far. I am LOVING Dancers' Company. Everyone is so great and they have all been really supportive of me coming so late into the company. I wanted to show them my love for them, and so for World of Dance (which I unfortunately was not a part of), I attended every rehearsal and show with my pom poms I bought from the bookstore, cheering them on. They loved it, and I had a blast doing it (though I did get some funny

Children of Eden is also going swimmingly. Pat asked Brittany and I to be the dance captains, which is a great opportunity as well. The dancing is fun, our cast is SO talented, and I am loving the experience more and more.

Besides that, I am just trying to live life to the fullest, make new friends, try not to be a hermit, etc. haha But that is hard sometimes. Its Saturday night and ya know, I just stayed home by myself, ate some food, watched the game (GO BYU!), took a nap, and watched a movie. It was nice. But lonely too. I guess I would have much rather been with some other people, but that's ok. I'll survive.

Anyways, I just love life, even thought right now its not the easiest; it's definitely rewarding though. I'm learning so much and living.

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