Sunday, September 13, 2009

And the fun continues...

I"M BACK AT THE B Y OF U!!!! YAY!!!! I love being back so much. I got back from Jackson last Sunday and it has been such a whirlwind since then. Our last week in Jackson was a mixture of a lot of crap and a lot of fun. Its like eating junk food: so fun, yet you know its bad for you. haha We had to rehearse all day during the week with our replacements (we weren't paid for those rehearsals ps) and then have he energy to do the show and shoot out. And those weren't so bad, except that some of the replacements didn't have the greatest attitude, and there were some people with bad attitudes or trying to boss everyone around. No fun.

However, the shows were some of the most fun shows we did in Jackson. We also may or may not have had a minor war between the pink ladies and the t-birds...everything from stink bombs, to nasty smelling cologne, from stealing light bulbs or clothes from the dressing rooms, to Popcorn butter and WWJD signs. It was so fun! Overall, my summer in Jackson was super hard and crappy...and yet at the same time, so fun and fulfilling. I definitely learned a lot, both from good and bad experiences, and to be honest, I miss living amongst one of the most beautiful spots in the world...the TETONS!

Now I am back to reality, at BYU. So far, Children of Eden rehearsals have been way fun, and the members of the Dancers' Company are so supportive. I unfortunately am not in World of Dance, however, I am at all the tech the rehearsals with my pom poms cheering them on (literally).

And I just got called as an FHE dad. Great. I think God is trying to teach me something.

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Morgan said...

Nice calling... I remember you saying something about not going to FHE for a long time... that might have something to do with it.