Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Toby the PT Cruiser

So, I was doing the job hunt thing yesterday, right? Everything was going just fine and dandy, and then I got a craving for Cafe Rio. Well we don't have Cafe Rio in Cali...so i saw...Baja Fresh Mexican Grill, which wasn't as good, but definitely yummy!

I digress....

ANYWAYS....i get back into my car after eating and....NOTHING! My car had expired...my dear Toby had given up the Ghost!! I paniced...not really...i just called the parental units. Well, after a while of waiting, calling the tow truck and having dad FORCE my hood closed thus causing the rod holding it up to DENT my hood, the tow truck came and took dear Toby to the Dodge dealer, where he rested the night.

On the morrow (today), his dead battery was replaced and all is well. TOBY IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN!!! HALLELUJAH!!!! MERCY ME!!!!

the end.

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