Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hey Guys!  Sorry its been a while since I updated, but I've just been really busy.  I will do my best to stay on track!

So I went to Panama!!  From Feb. 24th to March 8th.  It was brilliant!  Such a great experience!  My dad and I spent Thursday to Monday in Panama City.  We visited the sights in the cities, my areas in Cerro Batea, Las Lajas, Cativa, and Chorrera.  It was really great to see old friends again, and to be able to introduce them to Dad.  Some highlights include riding bikes on the Causeway, going to the Canal and the Temple, Portobelo fort, visiting Casco Viejo, el Valle de Anton, and the beach.  And of course, seeing friends, going to church in chorrera, and just being in the city!

We then headed on a plane to Bocas Del Toro.  It was pouring rain when we arrived, but luckily we had some good weather for snorkeling, swimming, and hanging on the beach.  Highlights of that included seeing dolphins in front of our hotel, snorkeling and relaxing on the Zapatilla 2 Island, relaxing and being pampered, and meeting some wonderful people at our hotel, the Dolphin Bay Hideaway.

After 3 days in Bocas, we took a bus into David, where we were able to visit Boquete (and go 4x4ing), and most importantly visit Concecion, one of my favorite areas.  Our Sunday there was very memorable, and I really really had a great time.

I know this update on Panama was so quick, but I'd be more than delighted to give more details...Just ask!  I'll post some pictures too!

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