Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This is really getting...

So, I have decided to stop complaining out loud to people because it gets really old after a while.  And instead I can vent on my blog!  haha  And people will actually WANT to read about it.  

So first, a quick update.  I finished my semester at BYU and got really good grades!  Unfortunately I also got mono and had to withdraw from a few classes.  But luckily I got better in time for Young Ambassador Tour.  YA tour was AMAZING!  I got to spend four wonderful weeks in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland performing, serving, and sightseeing.  It was an unforgettable experience!  If you want to see some photos feel free to go onto my facebook page and check them out!  Scandinavia is SO beautiful!  The people are beautiful and very friendly!  Surprisingly enough most of the people there speak English...so the Language barrier wasn't very prevalent.  Also,  we were so high north (at one point only 200 km from the Arctic Circle!) that it was ALWAYS light!  Like we would get out of shows and it would just be light outside, as if it were four in the afternoon.  So wierd.  HAHA  But overall I came closer to the Saviour as I testified of him in firesides and represented him and BYU in those four wonderful countries.  

NOW....I am in Jackson Hole, WY performing in Grease at the Jackson Hole Playhouse!  Its a fun show!  Come See It!  www.jhplahouse.com  for more info.  Anyways, the show itself is great...but it is the organization and management that have been driving me BONKERS!  Don't get me wrong...i LOVE everyone here...but things just need to run differently if they want to become better and really "Aim for the Heart" as the motto says this year.  

The main thing I a frustrated with right now is that I run the Summer Musical Theater workshops for kids.  Coming into this experience I thought that it would be like other workshops I have worked for...the Theater advertises and gets people to come and I do the work during the workshop.  Little did I know that I would be singlehandedly be handling ALL the aspects of the workshops...recruiting, advertising, etc.  It is NUTS!  First of all...I FEEL that that the price is WAY too much...I feel like I could get MUCH more participants at a lower price and make more money than have a few participants and make less money.  Second, this is my FIRST time doing ANYTHING like this...I have NO idea what I am doing and neither the theater or those who have done it in the past seem to help me AT ALL!  I know no one here...so I have no idea how to network or get around the word of mouth (which is the ONLY suggestion I have gotten from the theater of how to advertise).  I don't think I have a budget to advertise, and if I do, I have NO idea how much it is...though I doubt it is anything substantial.  So here I am in my living room.  I have called this list that they did give me off the top of their heads of people who have participated in the past TWO TIMES now...nothing.  And our second week of workshops starts tomorrow...I have THREE people signed up.  I can't do Hairspray with three people...I can do a DAMN good workshop and teach them about music, dancing, and acting, but I can't Follow through with what I promised to do.  And I feel like I have done ALL in my power to recruit.  So, we leave it up to fate.  I just talked to my co worker Meg, and we are going to express our concerns in a very professional and assertive way to our boss tomorrow and see what happens.  

Wish us luck!

Until next time!

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